Education and research

GSD Healthcare has developed a unique education scheme addressed to both, organizations and education seekers.

We provide “on demand” quality tailor made programs to organizations seeking to train their team on new medical procedures and technologies. All programs involve hands-on and concrete approach.

Our hospitals are ready to welcome qualified professionals to train them in our state-of-the-art facility in Milan, Italy, through Observership programs and practical internship.

We offer professional development trainings with our executive healthcare management courses addressed to individuals looking to boost their careers.

Our Vita Salute University exchange program is a unique opportunity for other universities to expose their students to international experience international.

Tailor-Made Programs

Designing educational programs for medical provider and hospitals. Such programs could be organized in Dubai, in the hospital facility or in Italy. The duration of the programs lasts 2 days up to 1 month.

Organization and Course Facilities

In form of programs GSD Healthcare provides the following:

CME accreditation, scientific coordination and course content in accordance with the GSD faculty; Full support for participants including registrations and all other needs they may encounter during the program; assistance on site, class equipment and materials; set-up of the program package material for the participants; tailor-made branding and communication (including social-media); on-line suite for program management, Alumni community management, organization and management of the logistics.

Teaching Methods

Frontal lectures and presentations, interactive case-based discussions, live surgeries – happening on-site or broadcasted from our hospitals in Milan, Wet Lab with biological samples (animal), Dry Lab with artificial models, virtual reality simulations, practical exercises, cadaver trainings.

Example of Clinical Trainings and Education

Immersion Training Programs

GSD Healthcare welcomes graduated and specialized doctors to practice in Italy.

It is in our DNA to share and exchange knowledge with all medical professionals around the word and invite then to discover our definition of excellency in our state-of-the-art facility.


A medical Observership is an experience where individuals with medical education can observe medical professionals as they care for patients and their families for a specific period of time in a healthcare facility. This approach can grant the joiners to get the required experience or knowledge in the medical field but without hands-on or any practice.

Our area of specialty

Oncology, Cardiac Surgery, Pediatric and adults Congenial Heart Disease, Orthopedic, Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology, Diabetes, Ophthalmology, Bariatric Surgery, Reproductive Medicine, Anti-Aging Plastic Dermatology, Gene Therapy and Medical Imagology, Scanner, Radiology.

Practical Internship

The practical internship program allows graduates to practice directly on patients to understand the real cases and how to solve them.

Practical internship program allows the participants to develop technical skills and gain experience with the latest procedures provided.

The participants can also join the research program and Have a chance to take part of future science invention.

The trainings will be held in English the duration of the program is minimum 1 month, but we recommend a 3-month internship to benefit from the full experience. We also can design programs up to 1- or 2-years. You can apply for our program whether you are and experienced surgeon, technician or freshly graduates.

GSDH will assist the joiners with all administrative procedures including visa, practice license and registration to the royal college.

Although the majority of our patients are from Italy, but we also have patients from the MENA region, our doors are always open for patients from all over the world.

Executive Program in Hospital Management

Our program of Hospital Management is a unique experience of executive education offered in the Gulf Region. It exploits the long-term experience in healthcare management of two top-ranked international institutions: the SDA Bocconi School of Management and the San Donato Hospital Group (GSD) thus, bringing the evidences from research into the everyday organization.

The full program is made-up of five modules that include three days of face-to-face training, plus workshops on-site and an individual field project.

Participants are challenged to look at the international scenario of healthcare management models and operational tools, to understand the broad value of the health policy making them apply these key insights through the case-based learning methods and get the chance to boost their leadership skills. The course is targeted to managers holding C level positions or aspiring to, combing the individual creativity, and cultural heritage, with a thorough and forward-looking business-oriented approach.

Student Exchange

GSD is delighted to increase its network of partnership with universities in order to build joint exchange student program. We are looking forward to develop academic and educational cooperation and promotion in the field of Higher Education on the basis of mutual understanding and for mutual benefit.

We strongly believe that international exposure is a key element for the professional development of our students. To achieve this goal, the establishment of a double degree program between international universities is fundamental.

Our own university, The Vita-Salute San Raffaele is a private non-profit university in Milan, Italy. It is characterized by a strong integration of teaching and research and every faculty is in itself a complex structure enclosing undergraduate and postgraduate courses, research centers, doctoral schools and master programs.

Students wanting to obtain an MD Degree (International Medical Doctor Program in English Language) from the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University can apply to a partner university to complete the courses of the Pre-Clinical Phase of the MD program at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University.

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