International Patient Program

The International Patient Program was established in response to huge demand from international families and healthcare providers seeking access to the world-class specialized medical services provided by Gruppo San Donato, Italy.

We are proud to provide care to over 4.3 million patients each year. This allows us to have highly specialized doctors for each type of procedure and deliver healthcare excellency.

We stand side by side with our international patients suffering the most serious conditions to bring them to Italy offering cure that no other hospital was able to provide.

The International Patients Office is your link to the excellent healthcare services. As The program helps patients to experience the best tailor-made healthcare. We offer dedicated pathway for patients from abroad. We assist you from home to home. Our team will exchange information with you to prepare your case and facilitate the arrival to Italy including a dedicated translator, dedicated International Medical Coordinator who speaks ‘your language’. The local team will make sure you feel at home in our hospital.

Our Dubai team will also provide a follow up with Gruppo San Donato once you are back home.

c.1 Planning Your Journey

The international patient team will be your point of reference within Gruppo San Donato and will assist you and your family members through all the administrative steps:

► Identifying the appropriate doctor within the group

► Planning your transfer from home to our hospital

► Assisting visa requirements

► Choosing the most suitable hospital or clinic

► Scheduling appointments

► Arranging for accommodations and transportation

► Facilitating post-treatment follow-up in your home country

C.2 Milan…

For leisure, you will have the opportunity to choose among a variety of customized services in Milan such as personal shopping or fine dining.

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