We work hand in hand with the Italian government to operate private hospitals in order to deliver public healthcare services to the population as we have the right experienced people, commitment and a proven record to ensure the success of each project by developing and delivering world-class healthcare services.

With more than 50 years in healthcare facility management we are now open to manage hospitals out of the Italian border. We already developed experience in managing pro-bono structure internationally.

Due to the strong competition in the Italian market, we developed strong competency in organizational optimization to realize economy of scale. We also develop competency in improving the quality of care delivered to patients which will lower the cost of the treatment and enhance the recovery of the patient with less invasive techniques.


Healthcare Facility Management

The high performance of hospitals relies on professional management and the competent teams covering a wide skillset.

Scope, content of the hospital management, financial management and different administrative functions are country specific which will differ depending on ownership, autonomy levels, provider payment mechanisms etc.

Improving the quality of services delivered in hospitals will improve the performance of hospitals and increase demand of services by users, as well as improve the overall trust that patients have in health institutions.

Our Value Proposition


GSD has expertise that handles any Private Public Partnership. We have more than 70 years of experience providing public healthcare as a private operator, handling construction, management and operation. Willing to partner with other organizations to run PPP programs or to manage it fully by ourselves.

Hospital Management

Whether you are an investor wishing to set up a new project or a hospital owner, we are able to fully manage your hospital and bring it to international standard.

Management Optimization

While being involved in an extremely competitive Italian market, we developed a strong commitment to hospital reorganization and hospital management optimization.

Building Hospitals – The Right Way

Designing healthcare facility in order to meet the end-user requirement and standards needs full integration from the end-user in the preliminary planning phases. GSD has been successful in diagnosing numerous hospital designs and other related issues.

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