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GSD Healthcare was established in the UAE in 2015 as the international office of Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato. GSD Healthcare mission is to boost the internationalization of the Group, by transferring its core values, activities, management, and operating models in other healthcare systems.

GSD Healthcare has brought the Group’s expertise firstly into the MENA and GCC Region, where we started partnering with private and public entities to boost the healthcare services delivery to the community, through the core assets featuring the excellence achieved in Italy.

Chairman’s message

I always firmly believed that the business world has a duty to help strengthen the nations in which they operate through strategic investments that provide support and services to the local populations. A longstanding area of both personal and entrepreneurial interest, has always been investment in the Healthcare sector for what it represents in human values and development for the community.

We know now more than ever the importance of this sector and its impact in the economy and welfare of the population.

The San Donato Hospital Group started with a hospital in the region of Milan and with its dedication in providing the best quality of care for its patients it became 60 years later, one of the leading healthcare providers in Italy and Europe with 18 hospitals and a Vita Salute Medical University, where 308 University professors and scientist perform clinical and teaching activities.

Since the beginning my principal aim has been to help the GSDH, the first international branch of the group, grow and expand in the Middle East through strategic development initiatives specifically tailored to meet the needs of the region, and through sharing our knowledge and experiences gained during all these years.

In fact, the healthcare sector is continuously evolving with rapid advances in technology, and research and development, as well as the increasing demand for health services due to the growing population and the high proportion of older persons and chronic diseases, which represents a continuous challenges for governments to provide the best services with the highest standards of care to the population.

Indeed, a nation’s healthcare system is a key indicator of the health of its citizens, its communities, and ultimately the economic wellbeing of the nation itself.

Kamel Ghribi – Chairman


Out of our core medical competences, to develop our group, we had to acquire additional expertises in management, operation optimization, international patient pathway, training education and research.

The office of GSD in Dubai is in charge of sharing this expertise with the world setting program, competing in tenders and signing Public Private Partnerships.

Our competences could be divided in 5 core elements:


We look beyond the recognition of international certifications. Our excellency relies on the capabilities built to deploy less invasive techniques providing high quality fast recovery for patients.
This excellency is shown also in the ability to cure the most complex cases via multidisciplinary approach, which eases using advanced technologies and therapies with patient-centered approaches and treat cases, adults and children, that rarely can find solutions elsewhere.


With 16 general hospitals, 6 outpatient clinics, 16 dental clinics in Milan and Lombardy region, as well as 3 research hospitals which carry out scientific research aimed at the cure quality improvement, delivered to 4,7 million patients yearly.


Excellence in Medical Education

Our own University: Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele is one of the top-ranked medical schools in the country and among the top 201-250 universities in the world.

Researchers working in the institute published 2200 papers per year with a total impact factor of 8.048. Our commitment to enhance the clinical practice is proven by more than 700 ongoing clinical trials and by more than 300 new study proposals submitted to the institutional review board of IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele every year.

These metrics rank IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele as one of the leading biomedical research institutes in Europe.

Our model is based on the interconnection of the research and clinical practice, together with academics, researchers and professors who are involved on a daily basis clinical activity and hands-on approach.

excellence in medical education

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