About us

Our Dubai’s office mission is to bring our know-how and excellency to the GCC and MENA region in order to serve the community best, by developing consultancy addressed to the government.

We create tailor made trainings and education programs, accredited courses in a multitude of medical, surgical and healthcare management topics.

We stand side by side with our international patients suffering the most serious conditions, bringing them to Italy to receive the cure no other hospital could provide.


Out of our core medical competences, to develop our group, we had to acquire additional expertises in management, operation optimization, international patient pathway, training education and research.

The office of GSD in Dubai is in charge of sharing this expertise with the world setting program, competing in tenders and signing Public Private Partnerships.

We look beyond the recognition of international certifications. Our excellency is the ability to use less invasive techniques providing fastest and quickest recovery for patients.

This excellency is translated also in the ability to cure the most serious conditions via multidisciplinary approach using advanced technologies allowing us to take care of patients rejected by other hospital.

Our competences could be divided in 5 core elements:


We deliver consultancy and academic studies, on healthcare reform, data analysis, hospital organization optimization, national healthcare reform implementation, dashboard and monitoring tools.


Via our University and University platform we develop a full range of trainings and educational programs. Starting with 2 days training in the doctors’ country for continuous profession development, master program organized with 5 to 10 modules in healthcare management or a clinical procedure in the students’ country, student exchange, fellowships, observerships and internships. Our programs are available to nurses, technicians, hospital administrators and doctors.


We received patients from all around the world offering them solutions when no other hospitals are able to treat them.


We are able to take over the full management of a hospital including the operation side as well as to manage the construction of new hospital structures and programs.


We also provide a more targeted assistance. Instead of the full management of the hospital we can operate one specializes department of any hospital, with a local team, flying our doctors into the country and organizing a transfer of knowledge to the local team.

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