GSD Healthcare provides bespoke consultancy services and offers strategic and smart solutions to our partners.

We take an academic approach, grounded in strategic health analytics deployment, international review and benchmarking of solutions, and real-world experiences and know-how transferal.

Our core strength stems from our heterogeneous and specialized international network of top-ranked universities, research centers, experts combined with world-class hospitals and health service providers.

This makes our consultancy proposition unique, relying on both – academic and evidence-based research and clinical and care practical experience.

We leverage our international network to partner with our local team in the MENA Region and the GCC. That allows transferring lessons learned in unique and tailored projects and solutions elsewhere that could fit the local needs, capacity and capabilities, and the leadership and management cultures.

We are working with public and private stakeholders across the region. Indeed, we execute projects in partnerships with international organizations and local universities.

Area of expertise

Healthcare System Transformation and Health Policy Development

Thanks to the international expertise of our team, we can support local government in designing the health system transformation from the policy perspective down to the implementation and monitoring of strategies.

Healthcare Management Consultancy

The expertise and know-how gained in the group combined with the use of health analytics and management training programs bring a unique approach to our consultancy. We develop solutions customized onto local needs and support the implementation, focusing on transferring the know-how that any project should develop to improve the efficacy and quality of care of our partners.

Population Health Management

The multidisciplinarity of our consultancy team and the pioneering experiences gained internationally features our capacity to assist public authorities and private organisations in adopting this revolutionary model of healthcare delivery and program planning. We work closely with organisations in contextualising the key pillars of population health management and implement them in routine activities – from the set up of a population-based strategy to the understanding of segmentation or the use of medical underwriting, up to new care models and financing schemes development to meet value-based care.

Hospital Optimization

Based on our 50 years of medical and management expertise in our hospital group, we can provide consultancy for the optimization or creation of new hospitals.

Modus operandi

Our team will define the objective with the client and establish the nature, planning and expectation of the deliverables. A team will be created composed of field research, university experts and sub-contractors if needed.

After the signing of the contract and the receipt of an initial payment, the field team will carry on all the data collection necessary and share it with the experts accordingly. In the meantime, experts will continue with comparative studies with other projects already developed around the world.

When the deliverables are ready they will be discussed with the client and amended accordingly. Each deliverable will explain in detail how to implement the recommendation.

The GSD group will also be able to offer implementation services to bring the consultancy expertise into a concrete project.

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