EAT Sustainable Food Project and promotion of healthy lifestyle

March 4, 2020

GSD Healthcare through our program EAT Project and since 2009 promotes prevention, and awareness for the principles of good and healthy lifestyle.

The EAT project is not just a food education project, it is a real lifestyle path that accompanies all of us towards an improvement of our daily habits and a healthy culture capable of preventing today, the pathologies of tomorrow.

It was created precisely to focus attention on the theme of sustainable nutrition, both for the body and for the environment.

Indeed, proper nutrition is learned at a young age, and kids are often affected by wrong habits that can also lead to obesity and overweight, posing a real health threat. EAT Project turned first to young people between 11 and 14 years old, to raise their awareness of better behaviours, through proper nutrition and physical activity.

The intervention for adolescents was greatly successful in achieving reductions in the Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist-to- Height Ratio and Adiposity Index of the students involved, while physical activity increased and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and high-energy snacks decreased. The total number of overweight and obese students decreased from 31% to 24% of the total population enrolled, which represents a 23% reduction in the overall overweight and obese population.

The EAT Educational project was published in high-profile, peer-reviewed, scientific journals (“Association Between a School-Based Intervention and Adiposity Outcomes in Adolescents: The Italian ‘EAT’ Project” Ermetici et al., Obesity 2016), achieved substantial media coverage and was showcased in a permanent exhibit in the Milan EXPO 2015 grounds. It was awarded the Silver Star as a finalist of the competition of the Best Sustainable Development Practices on Food Security in Expo 2015.

Given the excellent results obtained, also verified with a scientific study, the  Group has decided to take a step forward, expanding the initiatives focused on prevention: EAT has therefore become not only a Program for teenagers, but is a Project of food education aimed at all, and expands to all those who want to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

We are working hand in hand with the health authorities to improve the quality of life of the children and adults, and to transfer our experience and knowledge to the region, with the support of highly qualified multidisciplinary team of experts and researchers and using up to date methods and techniques strongly based on experiences and scientific research gained since the beginning of this project.

The EAT project now includes different services and programs from fine healthy dining to corporate healthy food, to healthy catering services: EAT Restaurant, EAT Bar, EAT Collettiva, and EAT Catering.

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