EATwithCracco, the healthy and starry food delivery born from the collaboration between GSD EAT project nutritionists and the starred Chef Carlo Cracco

February 25, 2021

EATwithCracco is a project born from the collaboration between San Donato Hospital Group’s EAT project nutritionists and the food delivery service of Chef Carlo Cracco. It consists of a traditional cuisine dishes revisited in a healthy, sustainable way and with the touch of starred cuisine.

Thanks to this proposal customers can enjoy directly at home healthy and nutritionally balanced dishes signed by the mastery in the kitchen of the award-winning chef and the jury of the television program Masterchef Italy.

Eating well: it is on this principle that EATwithCracco is based, it combines eat’s mission, to promote sustainable nutrition and food education supported by the scientific rigor of our Healthcare group’s specialists, and the certainty of Cracco’s ‘starry’ taste.

The San Donato Hospital Group EAT Sustainable Food Project was created precisely to focus attention on the theme of sustainable nutrition, both for the organism and for the environment. The Foundation of the San Donato Group has thus entered schools, to speak to children and given the excellent results obtained to educate young people in the schools, which has been proven to be effective in changing their lifestyle, increasing awareness in the choice of the correct food and verified with a scientific study, the group has decided to take a step forward, expanding the initiatives focused on prevention: EAT has therefore become not only a Program aimed at teenagers, but it is a food education project for everyone, able to make us better known about food and raw materials, and expands to all those who want to embrace a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Since its foundation the EAT Educational promotes and carry out, within the middle and high schools of Milan and the hinterland, a structured and multi-component program, in order to spread, among children and also their families, the principles of proper nutrition and healthier lifestyles, in view of the results already achieved, GSD Foundation sets itself ambitious goals for the years to come: to enlargethe network of schools participating in the program at regional level and to find effective solutions to expand the program at national level and make it an educational model applicable throughout Italy and the world.

EAT will be a quality mark, a container of activities, taste and health. Because nutrition is not only the best form of prevention: it is also the most pleasant.

EATwithCracco comes as an extension of the group’s continuous efforts and strategies for expansion where the customers will discover very pleasant food choices selected and prepared by the 3 michelin star’s chef that will soon make them forget junk food.

The dish becomes an example of well-being at the table combined with the pleasure of the palate. But not only that: they are delivered directly to the customers, ready to be enjoyed.

Chef Cracco 3 Michelin stars Restaurant

The aesthetics of a sophisticated location in the prestigious Vittorio Emmanuelle Gallery in Milan, where the elegant architecture meets the innovative yet traditional cuisine: Ristorante Cracco is a proof of how all these elements can coexist in the same space. Chef Carlo Cracco managed to bring together a Restaurant experience, meetings at the Café, tasting experience and private events in one location. An all-around culinary venue, featuring an offer that ranges from breakfast to post-theater drinks, while conveying the incessant quest for harmony suspended between tradition and innovation, characterizing his cuisine.


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