June 2, 2021




San Donato Group pursues its mission to empower the healthcare workforce through an innovative proposition targeted at the emerging needs of professionals qualification and up-skilling. Workforce capacity and capability is the priority for the whole care systems, so the need to provide high-quality education and training and workforce skills interventions remains a prior commitment of the San Donato Group mission. The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. An ageing and diverse population, living longer with greater and more complex healthcare needs, requires new care models and competencies alongside technological advances. Indeed, the COVID19 pandemic has shown us how imperative it is to have a skilled, flexible and resilient workforce able to adapt quickly in times of crisis to deliver the best healthcare possible in a way that works for all. Strengthening healthcare systems and the patients’ care experience now more than ever calls for delivering care differently, up-skilling the workforce, developing new roles, empowering new leadership capabilities while raising a more technically enabled, digitally skilled workforce.

San Donato Group has launched an innovative model of training and education targeted at these emerging needs and focused on the continuous professional development of the healthcare workforce. GSD Healthcare, the group international training company based in Dubai, together with Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, has established an International post-graduate school to enable the innovative and transformational change needed across the health education and healthcare workforce.

The International School brings together different university colleges and key opinion leaders from medical and surgical specialities and training experts to design the best training formats customized to specific needs. The International Post-graduate School includes four academies targeted at multiple professionals: medical academy, nurse academy, technology academy, health allied academy, and the leadership academy.

The school model aims to build advanced education and continuous professional development through a competences-based model towards acquiring competencies and soft skills needed for specialized or new roles and professional development. Such an approach is also rooted in the experience of the Group and the need to anchor the professionals’ development with wellbeing and human resources management strategies, on the one hand, and the continuous innovation of health services delivery models, on the other. The workforce transformation is a process driven by improving the way we recruit, retain, deploy, develop and continue to support the healthcare workforce – ensuring high-quality care for today’s patients and the future. The same competencies-based approach is aligned with the international standards of advanced-curricula certification and the clinical privileges model of the International Joint Commission.

The International School is innovative in the ways training and education are delivered, bringing together a wide range of programmes and services and multiple formats to support health care systems and organizations to address the workforce transformation challenges.

GSD Healthcare built a customized learning management system. The eLearning platform also provides free contents available to everyone – such as the recently uploaded series of webinars on the advances in gene therapies and research and a series of live-surgery cases from the Structural Heart Academy.

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