Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute among the top 30 best hospitals in the world specialized in Orthopedics

January 5, 2021

The Galeazzi Teaching Hospital and Orthopedic Research Institute is one of the best hospitals in the world in the field of orthopedics, a ranking made by the prestigious U.S magazine Newsweek, in collaboration with Statista World’s Best Specialized Hospitals 2021.

The recognition of the Milan structure of The San Donato Hospital Group gives further confirmation of the high standards of excellence, alongside 2 other structures, of the group’s excellences such as the San Donato and the San Raffaele teaching Hospitals and Research Institutes.
Ranked among the top 30 orthopedic hospitals in the world, the Galeazzi Hospital was evaluated thanks to online interviews involving over 40,000 healthcare professionals from more than 20 countries around the world and submitted for validation by an authoritative international board of experts in the field.

Professor Giuseppe Peretti, Head of the University Team of Regenerative and Reconstructive Orthopedics of the structure and professor of Orthopedic Clinic at the University of Milan, explains the importance of recognition and what are the plans for the future.

Excellence in orthopedics worldwide

“Galeazzi represents an excellence as a cutting-edge center for the diagnosis and treatment of different orthopedic pathologies, collecting the expertise of nationally and internationally recognized professionals as reference points in the orthopedic and traumatological field.

Since 2006, the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute has been recognized as IRCCS (Institute of Hospitalization and Treatment of a Scientific Nature) with regard to diseases of the locomotor apparatus and is, therefore, one of the Institute’s missions to continue updating in order to always guarantee the best treatments and research on different orthopedic pathologies.

Every year, at Galeazzi, more than 15,000 interventions are carried out in the various orthopedic subspecialties thanks to the many years of experience of the specialists who do not work as independent entities, but as multidisciplinary teams in continuous synergy, pursuing the common goal of optimization and humanization of care.

It is indeed the first hospital in Italy with regard to the number of knee and hip prosthetic surgeries and treatment of femur fractures within 48 hours.
Confirming the role of the structure also at international level, in 2019, the Galeazzi hospital obtained the certification of Excellence as a Center for Spine Surgery at European level conferred by the reference company in Europe for Spine Surgery, Eurospine, attesting to the potential and high standards of competence for the 360-degree treatment of diseases related to the spine.
There is also a strong commitment with regard to the teaching and training of doctors of the future: it is solidly linked to the University of Milan and hosts several students belonging to numerous degree courses; it is also home to the School of Specialization in Orthopedics and Traumatology which counts the largest number of specializations in Italy in this field”.

The contribution of research

“From the point of view of research, the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute, as an Institute of Hospitalization and Care of a Scientific Nature, is developing several projects funded partly by the Ministry of Health, but also by the European Commission and, in part, also by private companies, both in the field of prosthetics, especially hip, knee, ankle and shoulder, but also of regenerative medicine (with the RE.GA. IN Center).

Examples include studies for the repair of knee cartilage using cells taken from the nasal septum, or all regenerative medicine studies using stem cells or blood products for modulation of inflammation during early osteoarthritis in different joints.

The clinical research activity in the field of radiodiagnosis, spinal surgery, osteoarticular infections and how to optimize postoperative recovery for a rapid and safe home discharge of the patient undergoing surgery with less and less invasive techniques.

At the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute, numerous basic researchers are also actively developing through a long tradition of innovative medical therapies, new surgical procedures, bioengineering techniques, translational and evidence-based medicine always in the field of musculoskeletal diseases.
Since 2007, the Institute has become a member of the ISOC-International Society of Orthopedic Centers, recognized as one of 20 institutes of excellence in the orthopedic field, from 16 different nations around the world.

A project under construction is the New Galeazzi Hospital, located near Cascina Triulza, in the former EXPO area (MIND), which will see the completion for 2022. Developing on 16 floors for a total area of 150,000 square meters, the building will host both the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute and the Sant’Ambrogio Clinical Institute Hospital and will continue to pursue the primary objective of patient well-being, thanks to the professionalism and know-how experience of doctors, nurses, technicians and researchers and the use of the most advanced technologies”.

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