GSD Healthcare sponsoring the Esperia UAE Volley ball team

March 8, 2020

As part of GSD Healthcare’s constant efforts to encourage the community to adopt a healthy nutrition and lifestyle, our Group through EAT Project and together with our team of physicians, psychologists, researchers and nutrition experts organised several programs in the objective of raising awareness about healthy diet and promoting physical activity.

In fact, our studies showed that in schools after 2 years of intervention and introduction of EAT Project by the group, the results showed an increase of more than 34% in physical activity practiced by the students.

The obesity and overweight is of a high concern in the region which is registering a rate of almost 40%, specially that the obesity is causing other diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which impacts negatively on the quality of life and reduces the life expectancy of the population.

The obesity is due mostly to a sedentary life and wrong dietary habits,
For this reason encouraging and sponsoring teams like Esperia ladies volley ball team in UAE, one of the most promising volley ball teams selected for the UAE national cup 2020, is an important step for us and part of our EAT Project philosophy .

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