Healthcare Saudi Delegation Visit to San Donato Hospital Group

April 14, 2019

The Saudi delegation was invited from the 9th to the 12th of April 2019 for a tour at the group premises and Lombardy region. The delegation was represented by Dr. Salem Al Tamimi, CEO of Riyadh Cluster one, board member of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority and Dr. Abdulaziz Al Ghamdi, CEO and Executive Board member of the first Eastern Province Cluster from the Saudi delegation and their team, from the Italian side H.E. Giulio Gallera, Minister of Health and Social Care Lombardy and Mr. Pierre Appert, Managing Director and Board member of GSD Healthcare Dubai.

During the meetings they discussed possibilities of collaboration, and introduced the Italian healthcare system in Lombardy which ranked as the 3rd most efficient globally by the WHO’s last ranking performed in 2000, for quality, accessibility, and cost effectiveness.

The Italian National Health System is also widely recognised as one of the world’s highest quality systems. delivering free, universal healthcare to a population of 60 million people, while maintaining the lowest increase in healthcare spending among OECD countries and the world’s 2nd longest overall life expectancy.

San Donato Hospital Group represented by GSD Healthcare provides health services for secondary, tertiary and quaternary care in all the specialties for the Italian national health system and in particular for the region of Lombardy, 90% of the group activity is for the national health system’s patients and 13% of the value of the regular admissions of the entire hospital system in the region of Lombardy, which makes it one of the strategic partners of the national health system in Lombardy .

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