International Patient

The International Patient Program was established to provide a response to serious pathology needing the best world experts to deliver innovative treatment.

We stand side by side with our international patients suffering the most serious conditions when bringing them to Italy and offering cure that no other hospital was able to provide.

GSD Healthcare, thanks to its cross-field capacity, experience and research, is able to treat patients who only the best hospitals in the world are able to.

We consider healthcare not to be a privilege that only Italian citizen can benefit from but a knowledge and expertise we can share and offer to the rest of the world.

It took us more than 30 years to develop our group to the level we have now and, even if we intend to train and share our knowledge, today we are happy to open our facilities to others and offer solutions when none are offered to patients in their home country.

We are proud to provide care to over 4.7 million patients each year. This allows us to have highly specialized doctors for each type of procedure and deliver healthcare excellency.

The International Patients Office is your link to the excellent healthcare services. The program helps patients to experience the best tailor-made program. We offer dedicated pathways for patients from abroad.

We assist you from home to home. Our team will exchange information with you to prepare your case and facilitate the arrival to Italy including a dedicated translator, dedicated international medical coordinator who speaks ‘your language’. The local team will make sure you feel at home in our hospital.

The international patient team will be your point of reference within Gruppo San Donato and will assist you and your family members through all the administrative steps:

  • Identifying the appropriate doctor within the group
  • Planning your transfer from home to our hospital
  • Assisting visa requirements
  • Choosing the most suitable hospital or clinic
  • Scheduling appointments
  • A patient coordinator speaking your own language
  • Arranging for accommodations and transportation
  • Facilitating post-treatment follow-up in your home country

Here after is a list of our centers of excellence with the number of patients who received a surgical procedure in 2017.

Our Center of Excellence

Cardiovascular treatment center of excellence

51 664 patients per year
Cardiovascular surgery center with the largest volume of activity in Italy. 34% of heart surgery admissions in Lombardy. Highly specialized center of excellence for the surgical treatment of the most important vascular diseases. 32% of vascular surgery admissions

Cardiac surgery

3 604 patients per year
The group is an internationally-renowned reference center for minimally invasive surgical treatment of heart diseases in adults.

Vascular surgery

7 845 patients per year
Center of excellence highly specialized in the surgical treatment of the most important vascular pathologies.

Pediatric & adults congenital heart disease

1 386 procedures (1 022 on pediatric patient – 364 on adult patient)
Our cardiology and cardiac surgery department is the most important in Italy and one of the most highly experienced center in Europe, specialized in congenital heart disease. We take care of patients affected by complex heart defects from birth to adulthood, providing them the most innovative techniques of cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology.

Interventional cardiology and hemodynamics

15 837 procedures per year
The center provides specialized care for complex coronary diseases and chronic total occlusions with drug-eluting stents, as well as percutaneous treatment for heart valve diseases.

Arrhythmia & electrophysiology

22 992 patients per year
Center of excellence on the international scene for the treatment of all main diseases affecting the cardiovascular system and the only one in the world for the treatment of brugada syndrome.

Treating brugada syndrome: brugada syndrome causes approximately 15-20% of sudden death cases in in patients with less than 40 years of age. Professor Pappone developed the first technique that “switches off” the brugada syndrome. This new technique uses ablation. Professor Pappone and his team have treated over 200 brugada patients since 2015.

Orthopaedics center of excellence

129 311 patients per year
Our center is the 1st in Italy for hip and knee replacement and has the largest number of orthopedic admissions in Lombardy. With its 14 345 hip and knee prosthesis operations per year and 3 209 spine operations per year, it is a reference center for locomotor system diseases.

Bariatric center of excellence

4 055 patients per year
Reference center in Italy for the diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of obesity.

Ophthalmology center of excellence

25 224 patients per year
The ophthalmology center is recognized by the international council of ophthalmology as an international reference clinical and teaching facility. The unit of ophthalmology (Ospedale San Raffaele) is a renowned center for the study and treatment of cornea and eye surface diseases. Professor Rama developed innovative stem cell therapies to regenerate the cornea. The procedure borrows a model already used effectively in rebuilding the skin for the treatment of burns. Every year we perform 350 corneal transplants. Today, over 120 patients have undergone stem cell infusion to regenerate the cornea.

Oncology center of excellence

14 619 patients per year
The group staff works very closely to create a well-integrated multidisciplinary team (surgery, oncology, diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, pathology, oncological psychology, plastic/reconstructive surgery). At san Raffaele, which is our biggest facility, there are approximately 9 000 hospitalizations for tumors each year, with 6 000 tumor surgeries. Every week, a multi-specialty team meets to set up a diagnostic and therapeutic pathway for every patient.

Medicine & plastic surgery center of excellence

High specialization centers in all fields specialized treatment in the protection, nutrition and regeneration of the skin.

Reproductive medicine (IVF) center of excellence

12 846 patients per year
Reference center in Europe that uses innovative techniques in the field of medically assisted procreation.

Diabetes center of excellence

34 561 patients per year
San Raffaele Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) has been the first center in the world (in 1990) to perform pancreatic islet transplantation to treat patients with type 1 diabetes. Today, with a history of more than 200 patients and 400 cell infusions, the diabetes research institute is a leading center worldwide for the implementation and enhancement of this experimental treatment, which aims at recreating the function of insulin-producing cells in a host organ like the liver. The main objectives of dri researchers working on islet transplantation are improving the procedure to guarantee cells engraftment, finding new and affordable beta cells sources (using stem cells) and controlling immune response after transplant to avoid degeneration of the newly transplanted cells.

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