We work hand in hand with the Italian government to operate private hospitals in order to deliver public healthcare services to the population.

GSD Healthcare has the right experienced individuals, commitment and proven records to ensure the success of each project, developing and delivering world-class healthcare services and facilities.

With over 50 years in healthcare facility management we are now open to manage hospitals outside of the Italian border. We already established a relevant experience in managing pro-bono structure internationally.

Due to the strong competition in the Italian market, we developed strong competency in organizational optimization to realize economy of scale. We also developed competency in improving the quality of care delivered to patients, lowering the cost of the treatment and enhancing the recovery with less invasive techniques.

Under the Management program we send our experts to take over the administrative management of the hospital in order to optimize its functioning and improve the financial and operational efficiency. The duration of the program is a least 5 years.

We work with the team already in place but receive the power to administrate the hospital, reorganize it, improve the equipment, patient pathways, dashboards, data analysis systems, booking registrations.

In addition to this administrative aspect we organize a training program for the healthcare professional to expose them to new procedures.

Our Value Proposition

Private Public Partnership

GSD healthcare has expertise to handle any Private Public Partnership. We have more than 70 years of experience providing public healthcare as a private operator. We cover all fields of the construction, management and operations of a hospital. Willing to partner with other organizations to run PPP programs or to manage it fully by ourselves.

Hospital Management

Whether you are an investor wishing to set up a new project or a hospital owner, we are able to fully manage your hospital and bring it to international standards.

Management Optimization

While involving in an extremely competitive Italian market, we develop a strong commitment to hospital reorganization and hospital management optimization.

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