Robotic Surgery at the San Donato Medical University Hospital: the first Endoscopic heart surgery with the latest generation of 3D technology in Italy

September 23, 2020

The first Italian patient to undergo surgery using the endoscopic tower (Einstein Vision 3.0 with FULL HD 3D technology, Aesculap AG) in heart surgery was admitted at the San Donato Medical University Hospital and realized by Dr. Marco Diena, head of Minimal and Endoscopic Cardiac surgery and his team.

The mitral valve surgery was made entirely with high-definition three-dimensional endoscopy, the most advanced technology in existence, where after a few hours of intensive care, the 53-year-old patient and coach of a football team was transferred to the ward and already the day after the operation he was able to take his first steps.

To reach the mitral valve inside the heart, and complete the surgery, two holes and a small incision were enough, and thanks to the use of high-resolution 3D endoscopic cameras, the surgeon has the opportunity to see the operating field inside the chest and heart cavities with the utmost precision and with a real depth of field.

“If the precision of the surgical robot has several advantages in urology, in heart surgery the speed of intervention is also crucial, explains Dr Diena. Reducing the impact of surgery on the body (minimal incisions, minimal blood loss, reduced operating time) means improving the prognosis and postoperative course of our patients.”

However, if the surgical robot is able to reproduce the movements of the hands of the surgeon sitting at a console, an experienced surgeon, with the new 3D technology, is faster and can add his own unique manual ability to an operating field made perfectly visible all for the benefit of the patient.

We are increasingly moving towards less invasive interventions thanks to technology, but where the great value of the surgeon’s experience and training remains incomparable.”

Dr. Marco Diena was the first heart surgeon in Italy, in 1998, to perform a   videoassisted coronary bypass (with the help of the endoscope) and in 2001 he carried out some heart surgeries with the daVinci robot, currently supplied in the operating rooms at the San Donato Hospital .

This 3D endoscopy repair surgery was carried out to treat mitral valve failure, one of the most common heart disease, among the first causes of heart surgery in patients between the age of 40 and 60.

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