TAVI Implant techniques of new generation valves in times of pandemic

June 17, 2020

In line with our commitment to bring state of the art techniques and learning experiences to healthcare professionals, a live surgery and webinar discussion about TAVI Implant Techniques of New Generation valves were performed by renowned Interventional Cardiologists, Prof. Francesco Bedogni and Dr. Frederico De Marco, from our centre of excellence in Cardiology, San Donato University Hospital and Research Institute in Milan, the objective of the learning course was to perform and discuss the methodology of use of a TAVI implant of a  new generation of valves in a Covid19 pandemic context. Some of these techniques were used in our hospital for the first time in Europe and broadcasted to the participants.

More than 390 professionals from all over the world showed their interest and registered to the webinar in order to update their knowledge on this important subject.

During the one hour and 30 minutes webinar the doctors started with a discussion about the impact and the consequences of the Covid19’s pandemic and resource’s restrictions on urgent non Covid19 conditions which registered a decrease in hospitalisation for a myocardial infarction in Italy and an increase of the risk of mortality for the patients, specially that a mortality due to a Covid19’s potential infection is lower than that of a cardiac disease. These affirmations were supported by clinical trial studies and the data collected.

The doctors also compared between different valves clinical outcomes and indications and described in details through a live surgery case showcased from the operating theatre at San Donato Medical University Hospital of an operation realised and commented live by Doctor Frederico De Marco and Professor Francesco Bedogni describing in details the technique adopted for an effective use and manipulation of these valves.

The agenda of the course was the following:

  • Welcome Opening and Introduction (10 min Dr. Sawaya, Moderator)
  • Impact of COVID in European hospitals and structural heart procedures (5 min Dr. Bedogni)
  • State of art in TAVI techniques: evidence review (10 min Dr. Bedogni)
  • Choosing the optimal TAVI device and implant technique (10 min Dr. De Marco)
  • The procedural technique using the new generation of valve (10 min Dr. Francesco Bedogni)
  • Live case web streaming (30 min)
  • Closing: implant techniques and special indications (15 min Dr. Francesco Bedogni)

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