Prof. Carlo Pappone

May 11, 2017
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Head of Cardiac Arrythmology, Policlinico San Donato, Milan, Italy

Carlo Pappone is Director of the Arrhythmology Department and Laboratory Electrophysiology of San Donato Hospital at the University Hospital in Milan, Italy.

He is author of more than 140 peer-reviewed papers, related to many areas of Cardiology specialty. He is member of the editorial board/consultant Reviewer of several scientific journals, like Circulation, Circulation AE, JACC, NEJM, Lancet, JAMA, Heart Rhythm, etc.
His main interest is cardiac electrophysiology and catheter ablation of all types of
arrhythmias including Brugada syndrome as well as electrical devicetherapy
for patients with heart failure.
More than 10 years ago, he originally developed a new method for catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation, named “Pappone approach”, published in Circulation and NEJM, which
has been and is the basis of the currently most used substrate ablationstrategies
for atrial fibrillation.
To date, he has reported the largest series of epicardial ablation for patients with Brugada syndrome. He has been invited several times to participate as Member of TASK FORCE of the
Writing Committee International Guidelines. Currently, is a Member of the ongoing TASK FORCE of the Writing Committee International Guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology on supraventricular arrhythmias.


A002 Advanced course on interventional electrophisiology

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