The word of Dr. Kamel Ghribi, Chairman of GSD Healthcare to express his admiration and gratitude to UAE leaders for the management of COVID 19 crisis

April 30, 2020

The time I have spent in the UAE these past few months, first on business and then in lockdown have made me come to appreciate more than ever the wisdom of those who lead this great nation.The UAE truly reflects the values of family in all of its facets and the swift action of its leaders has meant so many members of this precious family have been saved from the worst of COVID-19.I cannot help but express my admiration at the competency, efficiency but most of all compassion the UAE leaders have demonstrated towards their people, whom they have protected from the ravages of this awful virus.I will use this Ramadan to pray that Allah continues to guide all of our Leaders towards enlighted choices that protect all citizens of the world. The UAE is a blessed nation because her leaders follow the right path in all of their actions and in return it has been graced with well-being, prosperity, security and safety. It is a generous nation too who shares its blessings and offers shelter not only to all those who belong to this land, but also to her guests who stayed behind during lockdown. Together we pray that the United Arab Emirates great Leaders will continue to be a shining light of hope to all countries around through their guardianship of this model example of true nationhood.

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